Our Purpose

My name is Matthew Chacon & I am the founder of Quest Bottle 

The quest bottles are designed to be the most beneficial travel & nutrition bottles on the market. We strive to innovate and are extremely passionate about a travel & nutrition lifestyle. As backpackers we've traveled often & found that it is extremely important to stay hydrated during any type of adventure whether its the plane ride there, or during the kayak excursion. Water can be key to feeling great during your experience.

We've designed bottles that are easy to travel with, look sleek & fashionable, & will keep you hydrated all day. 

Our bottles give back to the most active and beneficial humanitarian organizations in the world.

Traveling is extremely important to us. Most of our community is built on travel. Therefore we aim to do everything we can to continuously improve the world around us. We aim to fight world hunger, provide clean water, and put a stop to trafficking. Quest bottle pledges to donate 5% of all profits to active organizations around the world on a quest to battle these world issues.